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I woke up grumpy

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I woke up grumpy.

Not sure why, but I suspect this whole "quarantining thing" is starting to get to me.

It's taking it's toll and wearing me down.

I crave outings and mini-adventures.

I need to see people and interact with them.

I'm a hugger. I want to hug the crap out of people.

So, this morning, I'm grumpy because I haven't been able to do a lot of that.

But I have a comfortable home,

my husband and I have our health,

and the kids are well.

Not only that, but I hope and pray that because we've been staying at home, we're helping to ensure others remain in good health.

I want to get out more,

I want the monotony to end,

but I also want to be smart and not jump the gun -- for our sake and others'.

I woke up grumpy, that's a fact.

I woke up grumpy, but I woke up in my safe haven surrounded by a spouse and kids who love me.

Those in hospital beds,

those suffering from this sh*tty virus,

and anyone that's lost someone to it,

they can't say the same.

They wake up grumpy and have a real reason to be.

I woke up grumpy, and I don't.

Time to turn it around,

make the most of today and each day,

and count my blessings.

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