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Challenge: Pregnant and Powerful!

I want you to deliver more than just that baby.

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If you are expecting, then you are going to want to pummel me for saying this, but go ahead with it, I will.

After carrying that sweet, angelic, tiny bundle of love inside of you for nine months, I want you to do MORE (omg, really?) than just deliver your baby.

I want you to deliver a lot more.

You've been housing your precious cargo for approximately 270 days, give or take, and happily (or begrudgingly) have been allowing yourself to be depleted, mentally, emotionally and physically, and now I'm challenging you to do and give more beyond post-delivery of that exceptional love nugget of a human being who has now made their way from your hoohaa and into your arms.

In addition to delivering your baby, I want you to do the following:

**I want you to deliver yourself patience; a necessary tool required to deal with the judgemental general public who will, without fail, offer up to you unsolicited advice, head shaking and side-eye glances. You must also have patience with yourself as the new human in your home is going to transform you as a person and transformation is a process; there will be a learning curve, so offer yourself grace.

**I want you to deliver yourself a break -- actually, multiple ones daily -- especially when you think you don’t need one and even more when you feel as though others think to stay at home with your child is already considered a break.

**I want you to deliver forgiveness to your spouse when he doesn’t say or do the right thing. This, too, will happen often. Life has changed for him as well, and so has the love of his life who just birthed someone else he loves so much his heart may explode. It takes a lot out of a person to care for others so deeply, and to do it well, so be understanding of him. Additionally, you must deliver yourself forgiveness for your mom brain-induced forgetfulness, your feelings of frustration, your occasional yelling, and yes, your completely normal, yet seemingly unprovoked tears.

**I want you to deliver yourself oodles of confidence despite the fact that your boobs are sagging, leaking, or engorged and whether or not your acne has reemerged, your hair is unwashed, your top knot looks like a bird's nest, your shirt doubles as a snot rag or you've been wearing the same leggings for a week straight. You're f*cking beautiful, so don't let anything, anyone, or any disaster of a day make you feel otherwise.

**I want you to deliver yourself some meals. I mean it. Like legit, get out of the kitchen, purchase some paper plates and paper towels and eat as much darn take-out as you can stand.

**I want you to deliver yourself kindness and empathy. Sadly, sometimes you will not receive either of those from outside sources, and you must be ready and willing to offer them up to yourself.

**I want you to deliver yourself energy and to obtain that liveliness in any way that works for you, as long as it is healthy -- think walks in the fresh air, a pit-stop at Starbucks, listening to music, journaling, yoga, swimming laps, reading books, etc.

**I want you to deliver yourself the freedom to make mistakes and to trash any expectations you have for exemplified perfection from you, your spouse or your child.

**Lastly, I want for you to deliver unconditional love — to everyone inside your home including yourself. You must give to all the type of love that is not rooted or marked by the expectations you have for them because, if you remember, those are now in the trash.

Do you know what?

I don’t think that I am even asking a lot from you. Whether you know it or not, you are entirely capable of delivering MORE than just that baby.

I'm excited to watch you go for it.

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