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I Said Goodbye

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I said goodbye to that high pitched cry. The one that was the first sound I ever heard from your perfect lips. Within a week, it was deeper and fuller; more experienced.

I said goodbye to my favorite pair of newborn pajamas—the ones that your brother had worn before you—as I packed them into that crowded box.

I said goodbye to that light blue pacifier that you loved until, one day, you didn’t need it.

I said goodbye to your gummy smile as your first tooth poked its way through your swollen gums.

I said goodbye to the 12 month onesies that you outgrew three months too soon.

One day…

I’ll say goodbye as you let go of my finger and take your very first step.

I’ll say goodbye as I walk you to the classroom door on your first day of school.

I’ll say goodbye as you wave from the window of your best friend’s house on the night of your first sleepover.

I’ll say goodbye as I watch you run out onto that baseball diamond for the first time.

I’ll say goodbye as I reluctantly hand you the car keys for your first solo trip out in the world.

I’ll say goodbye as you walk that stage, diploma in hand.

I’ll say goodbye as we unpack the boxes into your small, foreign dorm room.

I’ll say goodbye as I watch you walk her to the car; that beautiful girl that you brought over to “meet the folks”.

I’ll say goodbye as I drop you and your new bride off at the airport for your adventure around the globe.

And then one day…

My overflowing heart will say hello as you beam proudly from the corner of a hospital delivery room.

I hope he has your eyes.

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