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I only care if I am raising good humans

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I don’t really care if my kids become doctors or lawyers. I don’t care if they go to college or if they decide to travel the world.

Sure, I’d love to see all kids grow up to be successful, happy adults. And not that I believe money buys happiness, it doesn’t. But I do know that financial struggles create stresses I hope they never endure.

But aside from what kind of adult they become, what I really care about is if they are kind to others. I care if they hold the door open for the person behind them. Especially if it’s a lady. I care if they are respectful to their elders and to authority figures. I care if they are open minded, and accepting even when others are different. Especially when they’re different.

I care if they ask to be excused from the dinner table, and wait to begin their meal until everyone is seated and has been served. I care if they love God and live every day spreading his love. I care if they are thoughtful and do for others without having to be asked. I care if they leave something better than they found it, and speak more positive than negative. I care if they build people up more than they tear people down. I care they they make decisions with their heart and their gut more than their mind.

I care that they protect their own heart and know when to walk away from an unhealthy love or friendship. I don’t care who they marry, but I care that they put their spouse on a pedestal and cherish them. I care if they are honest and loyal. If they decide to become a parent, I don’t care about the gender or the race of my grandkids, but I do care they that treasure their children as gifts from above.

It’s easy for us to get wrapped up in societies definition of success. But no matter the profession, or the financial status, all I really care about is if I raised down right good humans. Ones that treat people with kindness, respect and love.

Anything else is just gravy.

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