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Challenge: Back to School 2021

I never thought I would miss home schooling, but I do!

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It’s Finally Here!

First Day Of School

At the beginning of the pandemic, I thought I could totally handle pre-K 3 and kindergarten Montessori class schedules. I used my label maker and laminator on just about everything devoting hours of prep time so I could handle school and my full-time job.

After a few weeks reality hit, like the proverbial ton of bricks. I was begging my littles to be quiet while I was on work calls. I was attempting to teach them their various lessons: sandpaper letters, countries and even making guacamole. (OK, so let’s be honest the guacamole was fantastic; it was only missing the margarita because, well you know, it was 10 am.)

We survived, somehow, although there were many negotiations in order to complete the work, occasionally bribing them with iPads (not my finest mom moments but it needed to happen!) along with my fair share of virtual happy hours lamenting with my mom friends.

Shhh mommy is still on her call

Shhh mom is still on her work….just 5 more minutes and then we will go outside

Flash forward to August 2021. I was SO excited to drop them off, probably a bit too excited.

A funny thing happened: By week two, I missed my little sidekicks. The cooking, the lessons, and even the messes. All of it.

I find myself longing for the moments when I get to pick them up so we can explore together and head to our activities.

What brings me the most happiness is knowing that they now have back what I couldn’t give them for the past year and a half, their friends and, the socialization we couldn’t provide. So, when I will look back on the pandemic home-schooling experience, I will applaud myself (and all the other mammas out there) for surviving those moments but above all I will appreciate the “bonus” time we had together.


Busy at work

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