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I miss a lot right now

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I miss my mom.

I miss my siblings.

I miss my nieces.

I miss my husband's family.

I miss my grandparents.

I miss my friends.

I miss my kids' friends.

I miss my kids' teachers.

I miss the Starbucks baristas, who remember my name and coffee order every single morning and with whom I always share a chuckle.

I miss the Publix employees who know my kids' names, interact with them, and if ever they're not with me, always ask about them.

I miss going out to eat and being served by bartenders and waiters and waitresses who are happy to take my family's table and take pride in their job as a server.

I miss going to the movies.

I miss date night.

I miss family game night.

I miss swim, dance, and baseball practice.

I miss the gym and my fitness coaches.

I miss my routine.

I miss running myself and the kids ragged.

I miss giving hugs.

I miss letting my mind aimlessly wander.

I miss not feeling scared.

I miss not feeling so emotionally heavy.

I miss the feeling of not always being on the brink of tears.

I miss a lot right now, but I have faith in God that he's not missing this and what it's doing to each of us.

He's aware, He's on it, and things will get better.

For this, I pray.

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