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I Know What Society Stereotypes Say About Dads.

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I know what society stereotypes say about dads.

Moms do all the hard stuff.
Dads have all the fun.
Moms are the ones who are burned out.
Dads have it easy. Moms parent.
Dads babysit.

I’ve seen all the memes and videos.
I’ve read all the articles.
I’ve heard all the jokes.
Heck, I’ve even written a few myself.

And I guess for some, those stereotypes might be true. Which is perfectly fine.
Every family is different.

But sometimes they aren’t.
Sometimes those stereotypes get it wrong.
Sometimes dads drive carpools and pack lunches.
Sometimes dads rock babies to sleep and wake up for 3am feedings.
Sometimes dads tie ponytails and sing Disney songs at the top of their lungs.
Sometimes dads build Lego and fix boo boos.
Sometimes dads rub in sunscreen and remember to reapply a few hours later.
Sometimes dads know the schedules.
Sometimes dads make dinner and even breakfast too.
Sometimes dads give the baths and cup their hand against tiny foreheads so the soap doesn’t get in their eyes.
Sometimes dads fill out reading logs.
Sometimes dads pack the backpacks.
Sometimes dads know the trick to get those sleepy eyes to close and the cries to settle.

Sometimes dads give moms a break without asking.

And sometimes dads need a break too.
Because they do the hard stuff.
They get burned out.
They sacrifice.
They protect.
They love unconditionally.
And they deserve way more recognition than society gives them.

Here’s to all the working dads, the stay-at-home dads, the step-dads, the granddads, the single dads, the foster dads, the dads in heaven, and the dads who desperately want to be dads but maybe haven’t gotten there quite yet.

This weekend, we celebrate you.


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