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Challenge: Gratitude & Giving

I hope they remember

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Like most – life has looked a little differently over the last month. I know my family is just starting to settle into a new “normal” routine, and it hasn’t been without hitches in the system.

About 3 weeks ago – my husband and I both began working remotely each day. We are ever grateful that this is a possibility for both us, albeit, out of our normal routine.

Adjusting to life full time at home has been, well, an adjustment for us all. Referencing an old story I wrote called “Pack your Patience Pants” about going on vacation with 4 kids 4 and under, we now must live in our “patience yoga pants” on the regular (shout out to the inventor of the yoga pants!).

My kids (9 and 5 – though the 5 year old is adamant he will still turn 6 at the end of this month no matter my protests) struggled to understand that while we are all home – this was not a vacation for any of us. In fact, it was the opposite. My workload increased, school work became something we had to facilitate, and my husband was also working at home, but had to travel for work during this shut down. None of that made for an easy transition.

I can’t tell you how many times a day, especially after lunch, that I get the question – “are you done working yet”? They see us at home, so it should mean that all of our focus is on them and transitioning that mindset has been the most difficult of all. It makes sense from their perspective. Historically, when we are all home, it is family time, not work time. Now, all of it is blended – work, home, LIFE.

My kids creep into my zoom meetings, ask absurd questions when I am not muted, and snack all the hours of the day. Feeling productive and not simply defeated at the end of the day has been difficult. Knowing that we are trying our best, giving all the energy we can muster, and yet not feeling the difference it makes – well it can defeat the spirit. Add on top of that the frustration and anger I can easily display towards my around-me-24/7-children makes this time feel like a pit of despair. Then there’s the cherry on top of that where we truly miss our tribe.

But I hope they remember all of it. Crazy, right? I do hope they remember. Packed into the stress and the mess are moments of beautiful time together. Just the four of us.

I hope they remember this time together. I hope they remember the forts, “camping” in the playroom, ALL the baking and sweet treats we made together, fishing, four-wheeler riding,

the movie nights, the family meals, the lack of places to rush to, the game nights, the bike rides as a family, and the extra time we have had without interruption of something else “to do” each evening. I hope they remember how mom and dad tried their darndest to make the best out of a not-so-great situation.

I hope they look back on this time and remember that while it shut down our normal day-to-day, it was a time we were able to reset as a family. A time where we could sit and laugh (and some days cry!) with nowhere to go and nowhere to be. A time where we all had to get a little more creative, and a little more patient with one another.


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