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Challenge: WHO Are You?

​I hope that you are done trying to belong

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I hope that you are done trying to belong...

to clubs whose membership you must pay for with a loss of self;

to social cliques that only welcome you with conditions;

to circles made up of people who won't open theirs, their minds or their hearts;

to groups that fiercely demand your presence and your presents;

to crews that can be crude and rude, and generally inconsiderate;

to fellowships that don't support each every "fella" regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, political party, religious affiliation or anything at all,

to unions that don't unite U and I;

to crews where it ain't encouraged for you to be your own captain.

I sincerely hope that you are done to trying to belong to any sort of pack.

But if ever do try and are met with one or many humans who do not




and value the remarkable and unique human you are,

you tell them to pack...

pack sand, that is, and then you take your damn content self onward and upward.

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