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Challenge: Taking Care of YOU

I have to take care of me, so I can take care of them

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This past weekend, I was gone all day Saturday. I'd felt some guilt being away, but I knew my husband could handle it. My friend Trisha invited me to a women's retreat at her church. I'd been struggling all week in motherhood and knew it was exactly what my soul needed.

And it did not disappoint. I was able to grow in my faith, drink creamy iced mochas, make DIY lip balm, get to know other women better, eat heavenly Mexican food, and laugh (a lot!). I left the church feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the world again. I also needed the time with my friends- away from my looming to-do list.

God knows I'm a better mom when I take care of myself and more importantly the matters of my heart.

Self-care is such a buzz word today. But for me self-care is more about taking care of myself. It's about being the best I can be for my husband, children, family, and friends. It's not just about me. It's about them too.

Your self-care might look different than mine, and that's the beauty of it all. Maybe it's a spa day, going to the chiropractor, dropping your kids off at a friend's house for some quiet, a walk in nature, splurging on clothes, a massage, getting your nails done, and more. The options are endless.


Self-care to you might mean going to a professional counselor or working through mental struggles. It may mean a weekend away to regroup on your emotions. It may mean a nap and a long night's sleep.

The point is, don't neglect to take care of yourself so you can take care of the most important people in your life. Don't feel guilty for the time and money you spend on yourself, either. Remember to pay attention to the matters of your heart and allow your soul to be inspired again.

Self-care in order to best serve others is a sweet thing for you and for the people you love.

Samantha Krieger is the author of Quiet Time: A 30-day Devotional Retreat for Moms in the Trenches. Her writing appears regularly on Her View From Home, TODAY Parenting,, and For the Family. Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook.

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