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Challenge: I'm a Great Mom Because...

I have so much to tell you about womanhood, but not quite yet

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You've changed.

You're changing.

Every day.

Heck, sometimes it feels like you're not the same person you were an hour ago.

You're morphing, and it's happening fast.

You're on the verge of tweenhood, and once you arrive, you'll be another anxiety-ridden step closer to the fudgin' fantastic blessing of a rollercoaster that is womanhood.

A womanhood I have so much to tell you about.

But not quite yet.

When a mother has a daughter, it's an insane experience.

I've breed this mini-human,


who overtime is changing into a mini-me,

but not;

with your own sense of style,

a crapton of opinions that oppose mine,

a level of sass that rivals mine,

and an overload of






and humbled beauty that makes

my heart,

your daddy's,

and, one day, that of your suitors,

feel like it beats only for,

and because of,


I'm making many mistakes as your mama.

That’s a definite.

I don't always say or do the right thing, and I'm not always a prime example of how to be the best version of yourself.

But I am an excellent example of how to try to be.

I’m stellar at being a work in progress,

at riding a steady wave of self-improvement,

and shamelessly donning my flaws.

And, perhaps, that’s what you need.

A woman in your life who gave you life, but won’t mandate how you live yours.

A woman who will raise you to know that your greatest asset isn’t your a** or your top set, but the dope as heck soul she will forever encourage you to listen and tend to.

A woman who is changing alongside of you, ‘cause growth is an ageless process and never-ending, as is her love for you.

You've changed, and thanks to you, so have I.

You’re still changing, and thanks to you, so am I.

We’re doing this dance,

we’re taking turns leading,

and I’ve just got to tell you,

though it may not always seem like it,

I’m having so much fun.

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