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Everyone Needs a Grace Day Sometimes

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Sometimes you just have one of those weeks. Last week was one for me...well...actually the last two weeks.

The kids have been testing every boundary, even ones that don't exist. I'm pretty sure they have learned to tune my voice out and can't seem to follow the simplest direction. I know it is a combination of our current crazy life and a product of outdoor kids being stuck indoors for long periods of time. This too shall pass but in the meantime, someone is always in trouble in our house right now. Usually more than one someone.

It's hard enough to keep up with normal mom/wife/worker/etc. duties. Remembering who is currently serving what consequence feels like someone pouring water on my head while I'm treading water in the deep end. After a bit of a tense day at work I declared a "Grace Day".

It may have been a little selfish, I'll admit. I just wanted a night with my kids enjoying just being together.

All current consequences were suspended, everyone was allowed sweets, TV, and whatever other privileges that had been taken away. No chores, no responsibilities. Just a family soaking up the evening for what it is: A GIFT. ❤️

It was AMAZING! We were happy and we were silly. We stuffed our bellies with Mexican food, and we watched funny YouTube videos. Our house was at peace and it soothed this tired momma's frazzled heart.

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