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I feel like I'm losing my identity!

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My kids are 2 and 3 and for the most part I have managed to survive as a full-time work from home mom (with childcare) in addition to being a very hands on mommy for the last 3 years. Recently though, I've been feeling lost. Just because I work from home doesn't mean I'm playing with my kids all day, working out, and catching up on my favorite shows. I literally have childcare for my children 40 hours a week while I work, otherwise one or the other would suffer.

In my job I focus so much on the development of my team. I care about their careers, who they're going to grow up to be, and the impact I can make on their lives. Outside of work I'm focused on raising two little humans to be good people who are respectful, hard workers, and loving people. At the end of the day though I completely forget about me! Who am I? who do I still want to be? what about my career?

I'm at this point in my life that I know I want to make a positive change in lives, I know my strengths, and I know the influence I can make on others, but how the heck do I turn this into a career? I'm lost! I focus on so many others and their career development and here I am questioning my own development. I feel like I'm losing sight of myself and who I want to me. Yes, I want to be an incredible mama, but I know I can be so much more.!

Does anyone else feel this way? do you feel lost?

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