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Challenge: I Feel Bad About...

I feel bad about Mac and Cheese

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It was like she knew that I needed the recipe. My friend Toia sent me a text message with an amazing Mac and Cheese recipe that I can't wait to try. Though she is a busy franchise owner and a homeschooling mom, she has access to this cool recipe that her children love. I hadn't told her the truth. A secret that I had been hiding from others outside of my immediate family. The secret? My children eat box Mac and Cheese at least twice a week. I've checked all the ingredients, and though I know I am doing the best I can, I still feel bad about it. I would love to make them delicious Macaroni and Cheese from scratch. It would really be awesome if I was able to do it on a Sunday and all of the kids and my husband would sit around the table, licking their fingers with delight over my amazing meal.

The truth is that it will never happen. Why? Because my daughter has a gluten allergy, and because of her other dietary issues, we limit her dairy. Also because my husband is vegan. 4a4088311b916747d55883fb08544c5f1e68daf7.png

Also, after being married for almost seven years, I found out that he doesn't like macaroni and cheese. I feel bad because though I want to experience this and other amazing moments around the dinner table they may never happen. I've definitely put it on my short list of to-dos to find meals that ALL of my family can eat.

I feel bad about a few things, but I feel good that there are so many other amazing things that I can do for my kids daily. I feel good that they are happy and content. I also love that they eat vegetables with their mac and cheese. But most of all I feel good about the fact that I chose a man that can cook. He can make the most simple ingredients look and taste like gourmet food. I am grateful that I feel good more that I feel bad.

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