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Challenge: I'm a Great Mom Because...

I don't play when I don't want to.

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There is nothing better than doing an activity that everyone enjoys...even mom. After three short years as "mom", I have tried to squash some serious mom guilt when I feel obligated to do an activity with my kids that I really don't enjoy. I want to be with my kids in an authentic way. If I color when I don't want to color, then I am not showing up as my authentic self. I am learning to take the shame and guilt out of it, because I am with them in a million other ways each day from sun up to sun down. I am the mom who loves to do activities out in town. I love the trampoline park, I love riding bikes, I love to have lunch out with my kids. When I engage with my kids in these situations, I am thoroughly enjoying myself. I radiate a different kind of joy than when I am half heartedly on the floor engaging in imaginary play with my girls. This joy is genuine and it is in those moments that they truly get to know me and my personality. When I stopped trying to be the mom I often see on social media or the mom I had in my head that was a made up version of the "perfect" mom, then the feelings of not being enough slowly went away. I love my kids and I love being me when I am with them. I would never want my children to grow up pretending to be someone they are not just to please someone else, so what better way to teach that lesson than to live it whole heartedly when I am with them.

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