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Challenge: Romance After Kids

I don’t expect flowers, but I still need them

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I don’t expect flowers, but I sure don’t mind getting them.

It’ll be ten years of marriage next month, and aside from the constant chaos of a rowdy house and at least one spill at dinner time, there’s not much I come to expect any more.

Every day offers its new challenges. Its surprises. No two are the same.

And sometimes, that uncertainty over what’s around the bend gets uncomfortable or makes me anxious or just downright worn out.

And sometimes, I just need a breather. A moment with Jesus to listen and talk and drop the weight I’ve been lugging around.

And sometimes, I just need coffee. Or chocolate. Or flowers.

Ladies, Tell Your Men You Need The Flowers.


Because I’m not sure what all I accomplished today, but I know my feet hurt; and I’m certain they smell.

My husband pushes himself a lot, too. He drives a lot, too. He’s juggling his own kind of expectations, keeping his people happy and looked out for.

He gets weary. He gets tired. He steers this ship to keep us from crashing. He does more than he has to do, and I am so grateful for a hard-working man like mine.

And I know he loves me and appreciates me and listens.

You see, today, he brought me flowers.

And not “just because.”

Actually, a couple days ago, the tired me asked the tired him for some attention, for some affection, for some affirmation he’s still got his mind set on me.

I knew he was just as busy at work as he was afterwards, teaming up with me to raise these boys and run this house.

Yet, I still needed some connection. Some wooing. Some flowers.


A treat I could easily stop and get myself.

A gift. I couldn’t expect him to read my mind and hand over.

So, I asked him for flowers. And today, he brought some home with deli meat and hair gel.

And I got all the butterflies and about tinkled my pants when he walked into the living room with that bright yellow bouquet.

He was happy. I was, too.

And an ordinary day wasn’t that ordinary anymore.

So, moral of the story —

It’s okay to let your spouse into all those hard-to-spot hopes of your heart.

And it’s okay for the world to know that even though we don’t expect flowers, we sure don’t mind getting them.

(Mommys15Minutes, Jaclyn Warren)

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