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I could hold you for a million years, so why am I wasting days doing anything but?

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I could hold you for a million years.

But, since I'll likely only get 80 to 100 here on Earth, why would I waste a single day doing anything but that?

Oh, that's right - 'cause life, jobs, bills, school, appointments, housework and the exhaustion that ensues trying to juggle it all.

But, what if I set an intention to live out the rest of my very many years holding each of you in some way each day.

Because, here's the thing --

Mamas are busy. Insanely busy. Too busy.

Far too often, we refuse to hold our kids because they are just another ball we are juggling.

If that sounds like a crappy thing to say, that is because it is.

Really freakin' crappy.

But, the vulnerable truth is that when we try to do and be so much with the one life we've got, we end up not being enough of the one thing that matters most and what our kids need us to be -- a good mother.

Not a great one, because they don't even need or want great.

An average run of the mill mom will suffice.


Because all they really want is someone to hold them.

Someone to hold them for the rest of their lives.

So, here's my directive for mothers, including myself:

Physically hold your kids (when possible).

Hold them in your thoughts.

Hold your kids up high -- to themselves and others.

Hold their hand if ever those reaching fingers come near yours.

Hold your kid's body steady if ever it looks like they might fall.

Hold their heart together when it feels to them like it's breaking.

Hold your mouth and opinions and listen to your kids'.

And, perhaps, the most critical thing you can do for your kids, daily, is to hold space for them in your calendar and your day.

Because it is the moments that will take place in that space that they will hold onto for a million years.

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