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Challenge: Raising Kind Kids

I celebrate Autism Every Day, not just on Autism Day!

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With Autism Awareness day on April 2nd I cannot help but to think about the other 364 days of the year.

Yes, I believe it is amazing to have a day to celebrate these precious children and adults. But why not celebrate autism every day. I know we do in our household. Even though Autism brings struggles, it can be extremely rewarding raising a child with autism. Because of Autism we get to have mini parties all day long when Kyle does something awesome.

When Kyle says a new sound, we cheer.

When Kyle makes eye contact, we applaud.

When Kyle tries a new food, we high five.

When Kyle plays nicely with his sister, we praise him.

When Kyle goes to the bathroom on his own, we rejoice.

When Kyle hugs you, it means the world.

When Kyle makes it through a haircut, we reward him.

Because of Autism we get to enjoy the little things in life. We take nothing for granted. Since Autism I look at life a little differently now. I like to slow down and enjoy each moment. I like to appreciate everything around me and the people who are there for support.

I envy Kyle sometimes. He is not afraid to be himself. If Kyle is excited about something, he is not afraid to show you. If he is sad about something, he will not hold it inside. If he wants to jump up and down in public, he will do so. He is not afraid to laugh really loud so the whole world hears him. He gives the biggest, tightest hugs around. His smile can light up a room. Kyle has brought so much joy to our lives. I would not want it any other way. He is prefect just how he is, Autism and all.

I also like to celebrate not just Kyle, but how autism has made myself stronger. I have become a better person because of autism. Because of autism my family is closer together. I am now not afraid to advocate for other children like Kyle. I now have a louder voice because these children who cannot speak need me to advocate for them. Even though Autism can be hard, it also can be extremely rewarding!

Autism is hard.

Sleepless nights are hard.

Watching you struggle is hard.

Communication is hard.

Meltdowns are hard.

Fighting for services is hard.

Being your mom and loving you is the easiest thing I’ve ever done!

I will celebrate you every day! ❤️

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