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Challenge: WHO Are You?

I am...

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I AM... a mother, a sister, daughter, friend, and wife. Some days I am good at these things and some days I fail miserably. I am a wanna-be yogi. I love to play in the dirt and watch things grow. I enjoy taking random photos of irony and randomness but never call myself a photographer because I have a fancy camera but don’t know how to use all the buttons. I am obsessed with my animals, probably because they can’t talk back and they love me unconditionally.

I try to live every day with intention and try to teach my children to do the same. I know I can’t change the world but I think I can.

I have ex’s and baggage and that’s what makes me human. I have a millennial family where everyone has a different last name. I used to carry that with shame but I no longer do. I have crashed and burned a few times but I have always gotten back up. I know now that these are the life experiences that we grow and evolve from, so I embrace these times because there is a lesson to be learned even as crappy as it feels right now.

Our lives aren’t always recipes, cleaning, and having kiddos with straight A’s. I wish they were! They are simply complicated and involve divorces, Wellbutrin, and a little therapy or a lot and that’s ok. We need to laugh more, lean on each other more, and lend each other a non-judgmental ear when needed.

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