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I am not Superwoman. I am Human.

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I am having such a difficult time with this phrase as of late because it puts a lot of pressure on us women to be EVERYTHING to everyone, including OURSELVES. That's a LOT of pressure to put on one person.


I put so much pressure on myself to be a Superwoman. Every single day.

The kids need to be fed and dressed by a specific time.

Help feed the fish and worry about the one that seems lazy.

The baby needs to nap at a particular time.

The dishes need to be washed. The laundry needs to be done. Oh ya, we need groceries, gotta make that list!

The baby needs to be fed; I need to eat too.

I must get a workout in somewhere in between the morning and the afternoon before school pick-up. I hope I can walk to school with the baby to get some more exercise in. Big disappointment if I can't, because you know I control the weather and if it's raining it is my fault, and I should have done a more extended workout when I had the chance.

Come home, get snacks ready, and the table cleared for homework. Practice Halloween monologue with the kiddo. Get baby fed and start prepping dinner. Possibly get a run in before it gets dark out. Play with the kids. Get lunches ready. Iron uniform shirt and pants because my kid cannot go to school wrinkled!

Go get Halloween decorations for the apartment because Halloween has been canceled, but I want to do something for the kiddo to make him feel less sad about the situation!

Put the kids to bed.

Converse with the hubs.

Go to bed. Lament for hours about not accomplishing a single thing. Worry about finances and what the future holds with me not going back to work. Sleep fitfully and start my day over again.

I don't know about you, Mami, but there are days where I feel like throwing in the towel. Being everything to everyone is exhausting. And the world does not help in adding to the pressure, mainly social media. All those Mami/Mommy influencers with the perfect picture posted with their hair and makeup done, the right filter added, and the pristine living room/bedroom/kitchen in the background.

UGH. I unfollowed many accounts such as these because I was tired of playing the compare game.

And still, I found ways these past few weeks to compare myself to REAL friends who have started blogs, who are more creative than I am, who live a different life than me and have figured out the right pose with the right filter.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good filter, and there are days when a filter is needed!

I can never get the perfect picture posted. My home is small, messy, and never pristine. I live in t-shirts and yoga pants. And glasses. I am exhausted 23 hours of the day, even if I am filled to the brim with caffeine. I screw up with my kids and the hubs daily. I am still trying to learn who I am after leaving a 22-year career in the banking industry.

I always worry that I am not doing enough for the kiddos, for the hubs, for myself. But I am a SUPERWOMAN, and I can do it ALL!

NO! I am not a SUPERWOMAN. I am HUMAN. And the pressure to do it all and have it all is too much. It drives my anxiety through the roof. It’s no wonder women barely sleep.

Women need to stop putting so much pressure on themselves to be this. I'd rather be the mess I am, make mistakes, carry the extra 5 pounds, embrace my wrinkles and dark circles around my eyes and adult acne because it makes me Human.

From now on, the word Superwoman will not be used by me to describe any Woman. I do not want to add to the societal pressures of being everything to everyone.

I will empower Women in ways that embrace them for who they are. And that is Human.

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