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Challenge: WHO Are You?

I am me, and I'm perfect...EVEN IF

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"I am me, and you're you, and you're perfect."

That is what my almost-four-year-old told me in the car today.

And, while neither of is anywhere close to perfect, her take on how to approach

and this life,

well, that is pretty perfect.

My mom and kids do this little Abbott and Costello bit, just like my Dad and I used to do "Who's on 1st?".

It's cute as heck; their version, not mine.

Mine kind of annoyed people, though my dad an I thoroughly enjoyed it.

But, I digress.

So my mom and kiddos do this little bit where she says

"I am me, and you are you,"

to which my kids will respond,

"No! I am ME, and YOU are YOU!"

and so on and so on for another ten to twenty minutes.

So, yes, that may have been where my tiny tyke was going with her little 'wise one' statement, but it spoke volumes to me.

"I am me, and you're you, and you're perfect," she said.

To which I replied, "you're perfect, too!"

We were both smiling.

Because this moment was perfect, as was the unforeshadowed reminder she gave me.

I am me, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with me.

Even if I'm a bit of an anxious personality.

Even if I can be dramatic.

Even if I'm overly sensitive.

Even if I'm somewhat flighty.

Even if I

irritate easily,
occasionally lack patience,
and am too quick to yell.

Even if I make mistakes.

Even then

-- when I'm a subpar version of the woman, wife, and mother I want to be, but am putting in the necessary effort to become her --

even then, I'm me, and I'm a perfect me.

And you, please remember you're a damn perfect you, too

-- even if --

and that's why your children love you so much.

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