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I Am Always Proud of You

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Dear son,

I see you. Your actions do not go unnoticed.

I see the sacrifices you make.

I see the love and support you give.

I realize that a lot of responsibility falls on you as the oldest child. You help keep your brothers quiet in the morning so I can sleep. There are mornings when I come down and you’ve already made yourself and brothers breakfast. You’ve already eaten. Sometimes you’ve already changed the toddler. I am incredibly grateful.

You play with your brothers and often let them use things that were specifically given to you. Sometimes those things break. You are so understanding. More than I would probably be. You get on their level and you never make them feel excluded.

You help me with the dishes, laundry, shopping and more. You are the only one the toddler wants to strap him into the car seat. You are his hero.

There are days when you just need some down time. You want time to chill and to be a 10 year old boy, but I ask you for help. You don’t refuse. You never tell me no. I realize this and I am so thankful. I just always forget to tell you. I am sorry.

I ask you to be quiet during nap time. It’s not always fair to you. I realize that you don’t always have time and space to be yourself. I want to change that for you.

You have friends over and your brothers want to play too. You usually include them. I’m always impressed.

You constantly have two brothers vying for your attention. You never get to be alone. You never seem to mind. That amazes me.

Sometimes I forget how young you are. I see the young man you are becoming and I put pressure on you. I don’t mean to, but I often forget. I will try to remember.

Your brothers idolize you. I see this and expect you to set a good example. They learn from you so I’m always expecting more of you. I know that’s not always fair.

I am so proud of you and I don’t tell you enough. I always plan to say it and I get busy and forget to.

I am saying it now. I see you. I am proud of you. I appreciate you. And I love you.

Love always,

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