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How we can help our communities through the Corona Virus Outbreak.

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If you are like me, you have been watching the daily news reports and all the live videos of folks scrambling for supplies or parking spots amongst retailers. You see the people with carts full of toilet paper (I still don’t understand this) and the camera pans to the lines of people with none. You see the lines and lines of people wrapped around store aisles, buildings and out into the parking lot at some places. You see the frenzy of people getting online trying to find essential items they need for their families to be home for two weeks or likely longer. May I pause for just a moment with this plea, once you are settled and in your home could we all do one or two things to help ease the concerns of our community members?! If we all focus on helping just 1 or 2, imagine the burden that it takes off the community as a whole?!?!?

Here are some simple ways we can help out in our communities during these unprecedented times we are currently living in. Feel free to share!

*Many are ordering numerous items online, offer your UPS/FEDEX/USPS delivery person a drink or a snack. They likely are working incredibly long hours right now.

*Reach out to the elderly and ask if they need any supplies. Elderly often rely on volunteers to drive and pick up items for them, if you are going out anyways, see if they need some veggies or canned goods.

*Call friends that you know have multiple school age children and offer to watch them for a day or two next week while the parents go to work (not everyone gets to work from home).

*Offer new parents with infants to help search for formula or diapers (things that are incredibly hard to locate right now in some areas) as they have an infant to care for while trying to desperately locate this essentials.

*If you find a store or vendor that has many supplies, take a minute to text or call folks and share the availability.

*For those working from home, remember many are not able to do this, let’s continue to support the service businesses we can and still shop local, pick up goods and supplies and keep businesses that need to still operate going.

*If you have to cancel an appointment or reservation, reschedule it for a later time rather than cancel it all together. Eventually this will pass, and to continue to give businesses hope for a brighter tomorrow.

*Many people don’t have extra pet food, check on the pets around you and see if there are any needs. Our furry friends have no idea what is going on.

*Lastly, remember to pray, to pray for our President, pray for our medical workers, first responders and those that will lead us through this time. They need our full support, patience and understanding as these unchartered waters are navigated.

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