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How to Teach Kindness to Your Kids

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How to Teach Kindness to Your Kids

The kids will be getting ready to head back to school give them a lesson in kindness. Teach them this summer how to be kind to ourselves, others, and the things around them.

If you ever come over to my house, you will notice little yellow hearts in every room of our home. On some of the doors heading out and in our bedrooms, on the front and back doors. I even have one in my car, wallet and Little Dude’s backpack he takes to school. Hubs has one in his wallet and car too.

What is with these little yellow hearts? You’re probably thinking. Little pieces of yellow construction paper cut out in the shape of hearts different sizes. They are our “Kindness Hearts”.

Little reminders to be kind to ourselves, others, and the things around us. These little yellow hearts are all over my home to teach my 5-year-old about kindness. They teach him by reminding him to practice kindness in everything he does. They teach him how to be kind in a world that can be so cruel.

Kindness Hearts Teach Valuable Lessons in Kindness

They teach that you have to be kind to yourself, self- advocate, and stand up for yourself.

To be kind to others. Treat people the way you wants to be treated, to be accepting of people that are different, and understanding that people don’t always have to think the same.

They teach to be kind to the world, animals & all living things and property.

These vital lessons start at home, from our teachings and showing our children how we are kind to ourselves and others by modeling kindness for them we teach our children about kindness. If I can teach my son these life lessons about kindness, then he will go out into the world a kinder person.

Check out this article in Psychology Today where I was quoted about teaching kindness.

How do you teach your child about kindness?

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