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How to Stay Sane While Traveling with Kids!

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Are we there yet? Ah, traveling with kids. It’s a brave and bold move–but, necessary. Gotta make those memories, ya’ll! So, how do you pass the “boring” times along the way? Especially, the time it takes to get to/from your destination? Videos/movies are probably on the list (no judgment. I do it, too) but in case those lose their sparkle, and you’d like to hear of some new, educational and fun ideas, then look no further, my friends! I’ve compiled a list that should help keep you and your kids sane together. Do you hear that harmonious song, now?

Here are a few suggestions on educational and fun activities to do while traveling or when you get to your destination:

  • Car bingo-old school, right? It really is a fun way to pass the time though. There's so many different version now, that you can pick your favorite!
  • Educational tablet apps and services-this is an easy fix for awhile, but what happens when they get tired of the same ole, same ole? To make it worthwhile, make sure what they're watching or playing is educational.
  • Books-there's specific fun facts, and road trip books that would be great for young and older ages alike
  • Magic invisible markers and paper-if you don't want marks all over your car, this is the way to go! To make it educational, take a sheet of paper and draw four large boxes. Have your kid draw an item of a particular category in each box. So you could say, “in the top left box draw something that you can wear.” Or “in the bottom right box, draw a type of breakfast food.” See where their imagination takes them.
  • Card question games to get conversations started-this is a fun option for when you get to your destination, as well! Can be fun for all ages.
  • 20 questions game (an electronic version is really neat, because it can read your mind!)-little kids especially love this one, because who knows a little kid who doesn't love questions?
  • Travel sticker book and stickers-I have and use these for my son and he can play with them for long periods of time.

What do you think? Have you used these or what do you use when traveling with kids that's helped?


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