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How to prevent spring allergies

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There are proven and reliable ways to prevent oneself from spring allergies. Everyone knows that spring is the time when various allergies come along and when beautiful spring flowers and their wonderful aroma can provoke unpleasant symptoms such as tearing, nasal congestion etc.

In order to protect yourself, you can simply adhere to these tips:

Airing the room. This great way to refresh the room is perfect at any time of the year, but not in the spring, when there are a lot of allergens in the air causing a lot of troubles. Instead, we recommend you get a special filter for your air conditioner, which can remove up to 90-95% of allergens from the air in your apartment. In this context, you may want to check out MySimplyGreen air filtration systems and HEPA filter air purifiers in Toronto.

In the season of poplar fluff or flowering, it is best to keep the windows and doors closed.

Shower. Taking a shower will help you get rid of the allergens that you bring into the house every time you come back from the outside. Remember that after taking a walk, your clothes, shoes, hair and skin are a home to tiny particles that can spoil your well-being and mood. Therefore, when entering the house, take off and leave your shoes at the entrance, and hang the clothes in the closet. Afterwards, it is a good idea to take a shower to wash off the allergens from your skin.

Healthy food. If your diet includes fresh vegetables, nuts and fruits (grapes, apples, oranges and tomatoes), you will suffer much less from allergies. Therefore, having a healthy diet is a must!

Rinsing your nose. This procedure will help you clear the nose of bacteria and microparticles. To rinse your nose, you can use special creams or other medical tools sold at the local pharmacy. You could also make use of soda and salt to soften your symptoms of allergy.

Liquids. Consuming more liquids will protect you against allergies. When drinking hot tea or having some clear soup, you may first want to breathe over them - the steam will have a soothing effect and will bring you relief.

Cleaning. Keeping your house clean is the right way to deal with allergies. However, do not use aggressive means for cleaning and replace them with some natural products (vinegar and baking soda). If you are suffering from a severe form of allergy, ask someone else from your family to do the cleaning.

Perfume and cigarette smoke. These can only aggravate the allergic condition caused by spring flowering plants. Nasal congestion, tearing and itching may appear from the inhalation of a highly perfumed odor or a flow of cigarette smoke. Therefore, you should avoid places where there are a lot of people smoking. What is more, some aggressive smells coming from say deodorants, sprays and perfumes will do no good either.

We hope you find our article helpful and you will now be able to cope with your spring allergies. In addition, make sure to take a look at Edmonton heating and cooling solutions and get some air purification systems.

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