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How to Organize Your Dresser Drawers

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Raise your hand if you find yourself wearing the same items over and over again, even though you have a closet and dresser full (or maybe even overflowing?) with options. Guess what? You aren’t alone!

The way that you store your clothing may actually be the reason why you reach for the same pieces over and over again. More likely than not, your time is limited and you want to grab what is easy and visible.


Dresser drawers are the biggest culprits for hiding clothing options, but it usually just requires a slight habit shift to totally transform your storage and make it easier to get dressed every morning. It’s one of those organizing routines that fall in the bucket as “family-friendly” because it is so simple that even the kids can get involved in keeping up with it.

Here, my twin daughters teach you how families can organize the inside of their drawers to make clothing more easy to see and accessible.

Folding clothes seems simple enough, but I have a tip that I want to share when it comes time to put your clothes away in drawers or bins. Instead of piling your t-shirts on top of each other, take a moment to fold your shirts once more in half and then place them vertically in the drawer. It’s sort of like starting your very own t-shirt filing system. Now that you have them arranged by type (and color, it’s super easy to see everything you have instead of shirts getting lost forever at the bottom of the pile. If your kid has a lot of white undershirts, for example, encourage them to pull from the front and replace clean shirts towards the back. You’ll get better rotation out of the clothes you have.

Now, I’m going to share one product idea that I can’t live without when it comes to dresser organization. In our home, we use these drawer dividers to keep things neat in the drawer. They slip into the drawer and voila - your nicely folded categories will stay put forever! We also add labels to the tops of the drawer, so we can find exactly what we need. Labels are particularly helpful for kids to learn where to put things back when they start helping with their own laundry. Sounds like a win-win to me!

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