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How To Make A First Aid Kit For Kids At Home

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A first aid kit is something that shouldn’t lack in any home, since accidents and other adverse health conditions are unavoidable. This makes it really a must that we keep a first aid kit handy for the children, but it’s not easy, since you cannot let them have the families’ drug kit as minors. They might abuse them and the effects will be worse. There have been so many cases of children taking drugs not meant to them, all because they saw their adult parents take them and the effects have been unfavorable. There have been issues of disabilities, serious health conditions, mental illnesses and even deaths associated with these.

To avoid these misfortunes and many more others, the best way is to have a fist aid kit for kids. This way you limit their access to the main drugs that actually need parental guidance to be gotten access to. The advantages are so many, and range from economic advantages to social and the health.

Why The Kids Must Have Their Own First Aid Kits

There are so many reasons why the kids should have their own first aid kits and we will see a few of them below:

  • -Unlimited access to essential medical instruments: There are some instruments they should have access to, such as stethoscopes, plasters and bandages. Setting out their kits by the parents and guardians will help you achieve this. Some drugs are also necessary to be kept handy for emergency conditions. A separate first aid kit for your minors will help you also in selecting their own doses for the best reactions.
  • -Limiting access to drugs: Who would like their children to be drug addicts? No one of course would love that but we can’t just control these minors, except by being really very clever and careful. We should take the smallest precautions to make sure our lovely children don’t have any access to drugs till they are of age.
  • -Avoiding drug abuse: Minors are prone to behaving childish, so we should do our possible best to prevent them from harming themselves. Substance abuse has been a major issue in most countries of the world today. There have been issues of serious mental illness, other illnesses and even drugs linked to them. That is why it is necessary to avoid them with any possible means.
  • -Saving Money: Even if they drugs are not harmful, what about the finance we spent in acquiring them? Our money is hard earned and shouldn’t be messed with, so we should limit the wards. They shouldn’t have access to plasters, scissors, and other instruments except with serious caution. Remember that you should invest in the best stethoscopes, scissors and other medical instruments to make sure they last long.
  • -Avoiding Home Accidents: Home accidents are prone to occur but precautions really help a long way. A good first aid kit will help minimize them, especially when they young and inexperienced children are involved.

What Are The Contents Of A First Aid Kit For Children

There are some things we should see in a first aid kit for children, and we will see them below:

  • -Plasters: This are for dressing wounds, holding drips and other simple purposes. It should be in the first aid kit since the children are prone to home accidents. They should also be taught to use it. However, you should take strict precautions to make sure they are not wasted.
  • -Sterile gauze dressings: Since minor accidents and wounds are unavoidable especially among the children, then sterile gauze dressing is very essential. It is used for dressing wounds.
  • -Cotton wools: No first aid kit is complete without a cotton wool. They are used in dressing and cleaning of wounds, as well as other purposes.
  • -Some drugs: Some drugs that are for curing minor headaches and fevers are necessary, especially because of unavoidable cases of emergency. You should make sure they have a long time to expire when you buy them.
  • -Bandages: Bandages are used for covering of wounds and fractures. You should invest in only the quality ones and also make sure they are always neat.
  • -Safety pins: These are essential for holing the bandages. Please try keeping theses away from very little children.
  • -Disposable sterile gloves: There are some times we shouldn’t handle with our hands, so a sterile glove should be handy. They are essential for dressing of wounds and fractures.

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