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How to Keep Kids Protected from the Gun/Gun Safe at Home

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These days almost every second home has a firearm which they use to protect themselves in case of emergencies. Right to Keep and Bear Arms has given so many people the excuse to purchase a gun for themselves and keep it at home or carry with them when traveling.

However, keeping a gun at home with children in the house is not only dangerous but extremely foolish too. Children are innocent and don’t understand the dangers of accidentally using a gun and could really hurt themselves if you aren’t careful.

People have started investing in Gun Safes to keep their children protected but buying a gun safe isn’t enough. It is a not a foolproof plan because your child’s curiosity for guns could end up hurting him/her.

Don’t worry, here are a few steps that you could take to ensure that your kids will stay safe at home with a gun safe in the vicinity.

Tip 1: Explain your Kid the Dangers of Opening the Gun Safe

It is no secret that if you store something hidden from your kids, they are bound to stumble upon it accidentally which can be really dangerous in case of a gun safe. This is why it is important that you explain to your kids how firearms work and why is it dangerous to use them in your absence.

You can also show them your gun safe and list down the features so that they don’t get any ideas to break the gun safe in your absence and let the curiosity get the better of them.

Knowledge is power so make sure your kids understand all the dangers and consequences of opening the gun safe without your supervision.

Tip 2: Keep the Gun and the Ammo Separate

Another important thing to do would be to empty your gun and keep the ammo in another location. A loaded gun is a disaster so make sure that when you store your gun in the gun safe, you empty the barrel.

If you wish to store the ammo in the gun safe too then make sure that you store it in a pouch so that no one will have easy access to it. Also, when you do this make sure no one is near you so that it is highly unlikely that anyone would know about the location of your ammo.

So, even if your kids are able to somehow open the gun safe, they won’t get hurt because they won’t have ammo to use.

Tip 3: Choose a Thick-Walled Gun Safe

Yes, this tip is of utmost importance. Never purchase a thin-walled gun safe which will be easy to break.

This will not only make it easily accessible for your children but for intruders too. The best gun safes usually come with thick walls which is made up of a strong, impenetrable material.

This way, you don’t have to worry that the gun safe will be easy to open after making it fall from a height and breaking it. Also, a thick-walled gun safe will discourage the gun thieves and intruders from trying to steal your gun.

Tip 4: Choose a Good Locking Mechanism

A Gun safe on its own is still not the safest item in this entire world which is why it is important that you have it locked at all times.

There are different types of gun safe locks available in the market so make sure you choose one which is hard to decode or break.

Don’t go for locks with chain and key which will be easy to open or destroy. Instead, go for biometric locks which will require your fingerprints or eye scan to be opened.

This will ensure that no one can open your gun safe when you aren’t at home and the chances of your children opening the gun safe will greatly reduce.

Tip 5: Store your Gun Safe at an Inconspicuous Location

One important tip to keep in mind is that the location of your gun safe is of extreme importance. If you keep it on display for everyone to see then the chances of someone trying to open or break it increases.

So, make sure that you store it a place where it is hidden and inaccessible to your kids. You can store it under your bed or on top of a cupboard where it won’t be easily seen by your children or some intruder.

Also, if your kids can’t see the gun safe then they are likely to forget about its existence after some time and won’t try to open it in your absence.

Tip 6: Keep the Room of your Gun Safe Locked

Yes, it doesn’t matter how inconspicuous the location of your gun safe is, always ensure that you lock the room where you keep it.

Also, don’t keep the key of your room in your house, store it somewhere close to you where no one else will be able to access it.

Locking your room will further add a protection to the gun safe and will make it harder and more difficult for your children to get to the gun safe.

Tip 7: Don’t Leave your Kids Alone at Home

One of the most difficult things to do, but if you have a gun safe at home then it would be wise to not leave your kids home alone.

You can either take them with you to work or leave them at a friend’s or neighbour’s house. Avoid getting a babysitter because leaving a stranger with a gun safe at your home is not such a wise choice.

Tip 8: Keep CCTV Camera at Home

Lastly, if you don’t have any friends or family living nearby where you can leave your kids sometimes then it is important that you install a CCTV camera and link it to your phone.

Also, enable a notification which will let you know when someone is in your room. This way you can make sure that your kids don’t try anything funny as they will know you are always watching them on the CCTV camera.

Also, you can protect your children from any intruders who might try to steal your guns and harm them.

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