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How to keep children safe on the internet

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While there is a wealth of information and opportunities for learning online, however internet protection has always been a priority of parents when introducing their kids to the ease of learning through broadband technology. So what are the items you need to watch out for, and how do you protect your internet against cyber-crime, harmful information and other pitfalls that your child can possibly get. Education is top of the list of priorities for internet protection for your children but there are some helpful programs, software and services that can keep your little ones more informed and less vulnerable.

Education solves most internet protection needs

When is the right time to let your children tackle the responsibility of the internet and how do you protect them from the multitude of material that may not be appropriate for them. Usually children are exposed to internet technology in the school and tackling internet protection and responsible use is important at this time. Giving them a key understanding of what is out there, how warning pages operate and what effect the internet can have on them is the best protection and understanding that they need to face the perils. Tackle issues on browsing and chatting, the role of online personas and how predators operate and what acceptable internet usage is and you will be equipping them with the full knowledge instead of the simple method of saying “don’t”.

Software solutions:

While education forms the most important part of an effective internet protection solution for your children, there are a multitude of software that can password protect your system against types of internet material that you deem harmful to your children. These programs contain an ever evolving set updated blacklisted websites to ensure that up to date protection is available for your home computers. Software protection can also be applied to chat programs and to other software that you feel may not be viable for youth use and administrator privileges can be easily set per user to ensure that your youth does not use programs that are not suitable. Mostly monitoring your child’s usage can be a certain method of deciding when you need to step in and have a chat or implement changes to your access, for example when viewing their browsing history and the like. Important though that you do not fly off the hook like the recent father who put bullets in his daughters laptop as that can be an expensive punishment!

Making use of a combination of necessary methods to keep your children safe from the problems with Facebook, Twitter, Chat Programs and questionable websites is your internet protection responsibility as a parent. I’d also like to stipulate though, that with the correct usage, the internet can be an amazing resource for your family to learn more and to develop mentally in a world that is on the road to a technological utopia.

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