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How to Host a Camping Trip Indoors Just for Fun

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No matter what the age, kids to go camping. Unfortunately during the winter months the weather isn't idea and our kids a bit young to be taken out into the woods to pitch a tent, follow a map to go hiking, cook over an open fire and all the rest of the really fun stuff the older kids get to do. That's why we came up with the great idea of having an indoor Camping Trip.
Here's how to host an indoor camping trip for your kids:

1. Pitch an easy pop up tent for the kids to play in. If its easier to pitch the tent without your kids there, then you should do it. They will be just as excited to see it up as they would to sit there watching it get put up. Depending on the type of tent you have, it may be easier to do it without the kids.

2. Read a story about a camping trip that teaches kids some kind of lesson about camping. Just make sure its age appropriate.

3. Create a make-believe campfire. Put a an electric lantern, push light or any other kind of big light on the floor. Be sure to pick one that does not have a real flame so that the children do not get burned. Little children are very curious and like to touch everything.

4. Tell very silly ghost stories for children around the campfire. Be sure not to tell anything scarey that may cause nightmares or disturb the kids. Make up a ghost story on your own if you can't find any children's ghost stories. One of my favorite children's campfire stories is "I'm Gonna Get Ya, I'm Gonna Eat Ya". Its just a story about a man picking his nose. Our kids thought that was the funniest story they ever heard falling over laughing.

5. Pretend to roast marshmallows over the make believe fire. Use real marshmallows on sticks over the electric campfire you created.

6. Teach your kids campfire songs. It may be easier to stick to just one or two if you really want them to learn the words to the song.

7. Give your kids each a flash light or a glow necklace.

8. Don't forget to turn out the lights!

9. Sleeping bags could make the make believe camping trip extra fun, if you don't have a sleeping bag what about just a pillow?


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