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How to Earn Extra Cash as a Stay at Home Mom or Dad

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Staying at home to care for the kids is not a bad idea no matter if you’re a mom or a dad, and as long as the family is taken care of financially, it can benefit the kids’ development to a great extent to have a family dynamic like this. However, caring for your kids is not a 24/7 job, and it involves a lot of downtime. It’s not rare for parents to find themselves pondering ideas that can allow them to fill their time more productively, and nowadays, there are plenty of options on that front. Finding attractive work from home jobs literally only takes a few keystrokes, and a determined mindset.

Hobbies and Crafts

If you have some sort of hobby that you work on regularly, it can be a worthwhile idea to try turning it into an income source by selling it online. This can work particularly well with creative hobbies, but most things that require some degree of skill can usually be monetized quite easily with the right approach. Use the Internet wisely, and utilize its full potential in this regard.


Why not combine caring for your own kid with caring for others? If you’re good at this and enjoy it to some extent, you should look into the option of running your own daycare center. It’s surprisingly easy to get started with this sort of business, although you will definitely be kept under a close eye once things are up and running. That’s understandable though, as authorities always have kids’ best interests at heart, and they wouldn’t want to risk leaving a bunch of children in the hands of someone unknown that hasn’t been properly verified.


Speaking of specialized skills, if you have in-depth knowledge in any particular field, you might be able to put it to work through a teaching program. This doesn’t necessarily have to involve other kids, and there are some things that you can easily teach to grown-ups as well. If you have a university or college in your area, this can be a lucrative place to pursue this sort of venture if you’re well-acquainted in some of the more complicated subjects taught there.

Sports Instructor

Are you good at any sports? This is another skill that’s easy to teach to others if you have a knack for it, and it can be a surprisingly lucrative income source if you play your cards right. Just make sure to research the market for these services in your area closely, as this kind of side business can be quite competitive, and you may have to deal with a large number of other people doing the same thing around you.

This is not fatal though – if you have a good marketing approach, you might still be able to come out on top of the competition. And of course, being actually better than them can’t hurt either, so make sure to work on your game on a regular basis.

Digital Technology

Programming and other kinds of digital activities can also be a highly lucrative source of side income if you put them to work the right way. You may need to get a bit lucky with your initial idea, as the market for apps and creative designs is pretty crowded at the moment, but if you strike the right niche, you’ll find yourself in a very attractive position without having to put too much time or effort into it. Software development and Web design are also fields that can be handled alone relatively easily for the most part, which is another attractive factor for moms and dads working from home.


Last but definitely not least, we have dropshipping, an activity that’s become quite popular among people of all walks of life for supplementing their income. The basic concept is that you run an online store focused on a particular niche, but you don’t have to keep any running inventory yourself – you handle all purchases through a third-party supplier, usually one that can give you a good wholesale deal on their goods. That way, everyone is happy – you end up with a nice stream of side income, your customers can get interesting unique products at discount rates, and your supplier just keeps doing their regular thing.

Whatever you choose, the biggest tip we could give you is to pay attention to the state of the market around you before committing to any decisions. While you obviously want to align yourself with the desires of people in your local area, you shouldn’t invest too much effort into a field that’s overly competitive at the moment. It can work for some people, but it requires a different kind of approach than the one most people in your position can probably afford. But if you find your business growing and providing you with a nice stream of income, you might want to give it a chance anyway.

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