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Challenge: Halloween Parade

How to make a DIY jellyfish costume

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Every Halloween I tell my kids that this is the year we are buying their costumes. If we can’t find it at a store, they can be it for Halloween. But then a few days before the Halloween festivities begin, I’m up late hot gluing, painting, and DIY-ing some crazy idea my kids have created for their Halloween costume. When it’s done, it always turns our rad, my kids are thrilled, and I say again “I mean it this time, next year, we are buying your costumes.”

One of my favorite Halloween costumes my son rocked during trick-or-treating was a jellyfish costume. It was the hit at the school party, super easy to make, and since he was wearing a sweat suit, he was nice and warm on the cold October night he hit up the neighborhood for tons of candy.


Here’s how we made the coolest jellyfish ever:

  • Start with a bubble umbrella — these are the umbrellas that are rounded at the end. A child sized umbrella works best.
  • Using hot glue or an adhesive, attach coordinating ribbons. We used wired and curly ribbon and also a thinner ribbon to create the tentacles.
  • Attach several strands of battery powered sting LED lights inside the umbrella. You can use tape to adhere the strands or just wrap them around the brackets inside the umbrella. Finish by attaching the battery packs inside the umbrella around the top.
  • Using construction paper, create two large eyes. We painted the eyes with glow-in-the-dark paint to give them an extra glow
  • Have your child wear a sweat suit that is a coordinating color and send them on their way to have a blast on Halloween.


That is all you need! The umbrella can be made in just a few minutes and your adorable jellyfish is ready for all things Halloween!

Of all his costumes, my son said this one was his favorite. However, this year, he is totally choosing something we can just grab at the store. Kidding — he wants to be a spider so someone hand me my glue gun, it’s time to get crafty.

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