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How to Decorate New Plastic Windows

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A lot of styles, patterns, and colors of curtains, roller blinds for decorating plastic windows are sometimes confusing. Their design should be different in beauty and functionality because windows are one of the most important elements of interior design. How to choose the right one and what to choose to dress new plastic windows? Here are the TOP-5 golden rules that will facilitate this task.

Rule 1. Sunlight under control. When choosing curtains, an important aspect is the degree of sunlight entering through the windows into the room. If the dose of natural light is limited, it is worth using lightweight and delicate mesh fabrics, for example, such as tulle or elegant marquiset. The best solution for windows Toronto is curtains made of marquise with embroidery, which not only have a beautiful decoration, but also a unique whiteness.

If the interior is strongly illuminated by the sun, it is recommended to use thicker materials for the roller shutters and even prefer heavy curtains. This limits the overheating of the room, which is especially important in summer heat.

Rule 2. Harmony of color in the interior. It is important to choose curtains or blinds to match the color of the walls. The choice of accessories for plastic windows in one color range creates a sense of unity and harmony.

Advocates of the avant-garde are advised to dwell on combinations of saturated contrasting colors, which can also go well with windows Toronto, so the decorated plastic window will be a hallmark of the interior. In addition, to achieve interesting visual effects, you should decide on the alternation of materials and their textures, for example, rigid with streamlined or matte with shiny ones.

Rule 3. The size of the room is important. In large rooms it is possible to use complex large ornaments - openwork inserts or applications from guipure. They will allow unobtrusively decorate and focus on the space around the window. If the room is small, try using light materials with a small amount of detail. Thanks to this, the room will appear visually bigger, and the light coming from the window will not be muffled. Do not overdo it with accessories - sometimes, the less, the better.

Rule 4. Each room has its own windows decor. The whole set of accessories should be consistent, but this, of course, does not mean that all windows should look the same, just be in harmony with each other. For plastic windows in the dining room, kitchen, bathroom, you should prefer the shortest curtains or fabric shutters. Living room and bedroom, you should hang longer and darker curtains. In general, when choosing long models of curtains, it is recommended that they are about 1.5-2 cm above the floor.

Rule 5. The view from the window has a value. If this is a beautiful landscape, a cozy courtyard or a well-groomed garden, do not hide it behind heavy, highly patterned curtains. Accessories for windows should act as a kind of frame, complementing the view from the window. If the landscape outside the window is far from perfect, it is better to think about systems that enhance privacy.

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