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How to deal with false sex crime accusations – What steps should you take?

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It is devastating when someone files a false allegation of sexual assault and such a situation is almost a nightmare for the person who has been falsely involved. Sadly enough, there are several reasons and circumstances behind this scenario. In case you’re that unlucky chap who has been a victim of sex crime accusation which wasn’t committed by you, you will definitely wish to safeguard yourself in every way possible. You shouldn’t adopt an approach where you iron out things or go without complaining. Don’t take the guilt on yourself when you didn’t commit the sex crime.

Sexual offense can take different forms like child molestation, rape or sexual assault. False sex crime accusations are very common and they often occur. Read on to know more on this and how you should deal with it.

Reasons why a person might falsely accuse you of a sexual crime

Isn’t it rather too tough to believe that someone would falsely accuse you of a sexual crime? But yes, such false accusations happen for a number of reasons. We have given you a list of the few reasons behind such accusations.

  • Taking revenge: The accuser might have been trying to cause harm to you due to some dispute which took place earlier and due to some wrongdoing.

  • The accuser might be ashamed: There are times when a person might later on regret the fact that he or she said yes to sexual intercourse. Hence, later on, they concoct a rape story to make the other person seem guilty.

  • Inappropriate identification: It’s possible that the accuser wrongly believes that you’re the main perpetrator of the sexual assault. Such sexual crimes usually occur in places which are poorly lit and when the person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Accuser attempts to hide an extramarital affair: There are times when people are caught red-handed when they’ve been engaging in an affair. This is also one of the reasons behind concocting a story which includes false assault and false allegation.

  • Step child wishes to throw you from the house: Children are usually totally unaware of the seriousness and gravity of sex crimes and they often casually accuse someone of sexual guilt. They just take into account the immediate effect that it can create.

Defend yourself against a sex crime accusation

Depending on the seriousness of your case, if you thought that the big mistake will clear itself up or will be solved through discussion, you’re wrong. This will make matters worse. Your defense can consist of arguments which include:

  • Consent: If you can prove that the accuser is lying regarding the non-consent via cross-check, this can act as a defense for the person who is accused falsely.

  • Inadequate evidence: For being convicted of sex crime, it has to be proved that the crime occurred ad that you were the one who did it. Different false accusations often show up as the crime had never occurred.

Therefore, if you’re looking for professional help, you should seek help of a lawyer who can bring you out of this devastating situation.

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