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How to Choose The Right Towel for Kids

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Children’s skin is soft and sensitive especially for toddlers and newborns, hence, they need to be treated with things that are tender and easy on it. Just like grooming products like soap, powders and creams should also be kind on your little one’s skin. Not only that, the towel you choose for your little one should be antibacterial and highly absorbent. This quick tip from would help you choose the best bath towel online for your kid.

Towel Quality

Good: The towel should have excellent absorbency, else what’s the use of buying it. Your little one’s towel should be super soft, thick and highly absorbent to dry them off instantly.

Bad: Those with bad absorbency and hard touch are considered to be bad for kids. Never buy a kids towel that would be hard on your little one’s skin.


Good: Those made from terry cotton are highly absorbent, soft in touch and are looped from both sides, making this material the best choice for kids. Apart from terry, there are other materials as well that are great on the young skin. Cotton velour is one of them.

Bad: Those that are low on absorbency and are dyed using hard colours are not good for young skin. Also, one should avoid washing them using fabric softeners. Fabric softeners reduce the absorbency power of towels.

- Towels that can retain their softness even after rigorous use and several washes.

- Towels that have excellent absorbency power and dry fast. Some of the best cloth with good absorbency are like Chamois, microfiber and bathroom towels.

- Towels that are lint free.

- Towels that can ward off fungus and bacteria.

- Towels that can be easily washed. Those that are machine-washable and can be tumble-dried are considered best.

- Blended over pure cotton.

- Towels that don’t bleed colour (i.e., sponge cloth) after several washes

- Towels that don’t shrink.

Towels are available in a variety of fabrics including terry cotton, cotton velour, bamboo, organic and more. Basically, a good towel should share a few of the characteristic above. However, no matter how good a towel is, all towels will eventually lose it softness after a while. However, old towels do not mean it’s useless. It can be recycled and use for other thing like rag or drying towels for car washing.

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