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Challenge: Summer Fun

How to Boost Kids Brainpower with Smart Activities

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Each one of us want to raise a brilliant child. Smarter kids are emotionally well adjusted and are loved by one and all.

As parents, it is our responsibility to provide the right environment to our kids that can have the maximum positive impact on the child’s brain development.

Here are some great activities that can literally shape the brainpower in kids:

1- Find That Thing

Give your child some objects and corresponding flashcards and ask your child to locate it. It is a great way to introduce your child to the surroundings, be it at home, park or school.

For example, you can show your children a picture of a ball in the flashcard and ask them to find it for you. It goes a long way in teaching your child the correct pronunciation and object identification along with cognitive development.


2- Board Games

Board games are an all time favorite. Playing games like chess, ludo and snakes and ladders can teach your child patience

Patience goes a long way in keeping your child calm and cool. This is a strength that comes in handy when you take your child to a restaurant and the fries ordered are taking time.


3- Word Hunt

Form various words by using alphabet - blocks, cards or magnets. Then ask your child to read and match the flashcard to the words formed.

For example, if the word zebra is formed then you can show your children an image of the flashcard and have them place the card near the right word. This game can foster alphabet recognition, memory as well as word formation.


4- Coloring Activity

Coloring is an activity that kids enjoy the most. All you need is a set of coloring pages and some color pens. You can easily download safety sign coloring pages for kids and ask your child to color them.

Coloring is an activity that sparks the imagination of kids and provides them a chance to reveal themselves. Coloring worksheets can help in improving the handwriting, boost proper hand eye coordination, provide confidence, sharpen the motor skills and will also stimulate creativity.


5- Plays

Taking part in plays helps to sharpen the memory of the kids and gives them confidence to face the world.


Furthermore, they have to alter to the twists and turns in the evolving plot, which requires them to think flexibly.

6- Obstacle Course

Set up a course where your child has to go under and over diverse stumbling block such as couch cushions, coffee tables and through tunnels.

Varying the course or growing its complexity will help to your child to accept challenges in life.

In this way your child will be able to control his or her body and plan physical actions which is an elementary part of learning how to manage your brain.


Both outdoor and indoor activities are extremely crucial for the overall development of the child’s brain. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, we need to keep this thought in our mind and must provide ample play time for proper brain development and overall growth of our kids.

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