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How to Be A Happy as A Mom and An Entrepreneur

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Anyone who says it is easy for a mom to raise children and run a business from home is lying. Maintaining a work/home life balance can be extremely difficult. You have more balls to juggle and it’s easier to let one or even the whole lot fall. Don’t even try being both a mom and an entrepreneur if you aren’t well organized and able to set boundaries.

Today I am happy as a mom and as an entrepreneur but it wasn’t always easy. I am glad I persevered because I know today that I made the best choice for my family and for myself. Here are some lessons I learned along the way.

Learn time management skills

Running your business as well as coping with children and household chores is tricky but not impossible if the right inspiration is there. The only way to manage all your responsibilities is to develop some time management skills. If you’re unable to stick to a schedule and manage your time, either your business or your children will suffer.

I wouldn’t be able to cope without my planner, where I religiously write down all my business and family obligations. This is the only way I can eliminate the stress of forgetting an important business meeting or a child’s concert rehearsal.

Outsource what you can

I was nervous to outsource certain aspects of my business but as it became more successful, I realized I would either have to do this or hire a whole lot more staff. Outsourcing my accounting was such a success that I decided to outsource other administrative tasks.

Outsourcing my social media management and using a Houston SEO consultant from SEO Subscription allowed me to focus on what I do best which is converting leads into customers and developing good relationships with them.

Separate your roles

Your business will overtake your personal life or vice versa if you don’t draw very strict boundaries. When I need to get my work done, my office door is closed. I have to be free from family distractions and my kids know that when that door is closed, they should only interrupt if there’s an emergency.

When I spend time with my kids, I devote all my attention to them. I put my cell phone away so I can listen to what they have to say and help them do their homework without any distractions. Every night we eat dinner together as a family and the weekends are strictly for family.

Get help from others

I wouldn’t be able to be both a mom and an entrepreneur without some help. My husband and kids all have their responsibilities in the home. Online shopping is my friend and I don’t hesitate to have my groceries delivered if necessary. I have a cleaning lady who comes in twice a week. Initially, I resisted the idea of paying someone to do what I can do myself, but when I asked myself how much my time was worth, I realized it was the right decision.

Let go of the need to be perfect

I have had to learn how to prioritize. There are occasions when I have to miss a school event and there may be some times when a problem at home takes priority over my business obligations. I know that my kids appreciate what I do and understand that I have to cut some corners once in a while. The main thing is that they know how much I love them and I may not be the perfect mom at all times but our respect is mutual.

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