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How to arrange your moving?

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Moving is always connected with some disorder, even chaos: the usual course of life changes its direction, and your belongings go into plastic boxes, in which they will then stay for probably a couple of weeks, waiting for you to finally unpack them. Therefore, we have written this article and we would like to give you some of our simple tips that will help you move out quickly, in an organized and stress-free manner. Let us get started!

Do not take things you do not need

Moving is an excellent chance to get rid of that pile of rubbish that you have accumulated over time. We suggest you sort your important things and throw out the unnecessary stuff. As an option, you can give it to your friends or make a garage sale. The point is that you should not bring all this cargo with you to your new place.

Label the boxes

Assign each room in the new apartment with its own color. Say, red is for the kitchen, green is for the living room etc.

When you are packing your things, you should tape a piece of colored paper on each box, which corresponds to the color of the room. It is very simple: bring the box to the room where you need to unpack it, and nothing will be lost. By the way, if your friends can help you, it is also very easy to explain this labeling thing to them.

Instead of writing down the contents on each box, you should make one large table, in which you can indicate the box number and what is in it. Do not forget to write down this number on each side of the box. It may seem that this it is all very difficult. In fact, you will be surprised how such a system will facilitate your moving. If you need something urgently in the middle of the packaging process, you will easily find it and then you can simply put it back. Furthermore, it will be extremely easy for you to unpack your things at your new place.

Mark the most important things

You should mark the boxes with the items that you need in the first days after moving (bath accessories, utensils) with some bright, preferably red, tape. This way, you will have a clear idea of what to unpack first. After all, you will not be able to unpack everything at once.


We suggest you not bother with cooking while moving out. Instead, you should make some very simple dishes, to cook which, you will need one pan only. Also, you can make use of disposable tableware so that you do not have to wash the dishes.

If you organize everything properly, your moving will go smoothly without unnecessary worries or stress. Good luck to you! In addition, you might also turn to a reputable moving company, such as Calgary movers, for instance to further facilitate this complex process.

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