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Challenge: Get organized!

How the Dollar Store Saved My School Mornings

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I suffer from a common malady known as "School-Lunch-Making-Angst".

It's a thing, people. (Let's be honest. Most of you have a bad case of it too.)

Last year, I determined that it was time to conquer this ailment once and for all. For the sake of our early morning sanity, I vowed that there must be a better system and I was determined to find it.

I've learned over time that organization does not need to be complicated. For years, I thought that only the select few could make organization a simple process. But then I started experimenting with Dollar Store Organization, and I learned the real truth.

It’s all about the storage bins.

The secret is out, people. And since the dollar store is full of adorable containers at the right price, organization can be simple for all.

So with that in mind, I made haste to my favorite Dollar Tree before the start of last school year with a list of needed items in hand, found the cutest storage bins possible and headed home with a little organizational skip in my step.

I am also sooo glad that I took the plunge and bought an assortment of Chalkboard Labels a while back. They have made my life so much more functional (and did I mention adorable?)

So here’s how I put those containers and labels to work:


The Snack Bins

No more searching the cupboards for possible snack items. Grab ‘n go snacks can be prepped ahead of time. One year later, and this system still works!


The Sandwich Stuff Bin

Fits like it was made for this.


Supplies Bin #1

Yep. Those snack containers came straight from the dollar store. Score.


Supplies Bin #2

We love our Ziploc storage containers. Makes lunch-making even snappier.


Plasticware Storage

Because how could I resist these adorable little things? (Yes, I kind of have a thing for adorable – is it that obvious?)

And now…for the final reveal:


These shelves in our island were previously holding an assortment of odds and ends. They all found a lovely new home elsewhere (others made it safely to the trash).

What do you think? I think I really really like it.

My Lunch Making Station has solved all matters of lunch-making crises in the past year. And to think that the solution to my morning dilemma simply was hiding around the corner at my local dollar store all this time.

How about you? How do you make School Lunch Making more fun?

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