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How soon can a newborn travel long distance by car?

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Recently i found a questions here it i am giving this questions below as he wanted to know


"I am planning an hour and a half ride with my 1 month old baby girl. I heard that being in the car seat for a long time is not good for newborns?"

and i found this question answer:-

These seats are intended to be infant inviting. Any of them making any physical harm a youngster is unimaginable. Such a seat ought to never have been made and acknowledged available to be purchased. Except if you purchased the least expensive seat on a swap meet, you will be alright.

Long excursions are disheartened in light of the fact that your youngster is confined to a similar situation for their term. On the off chance that an infant is set in an unnatural, non-physiological position, it will remain in that position for a particular time. You should ensure the infant is put in the seat easily, that it's back, and the head is bolstered, that there are no unnaturally bowed legs or hands. In the case of something isn't right, your infant is undoubtedly going to tell you - through crying, obviously.

In case you're restless, make brief stops each thirty minutes.

1,5h isn't that long time. I've companions who made 4h trips each week, which began when their child was about (less I think) one month old. Their LO is two years now and has no seat-related medical issues.

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