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Challenge: WHO Are You?

How One Conversation Awakened a Dream I Didn't Know I Had

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Who am I?

I am a mom.

I am a wife.

I am an entrepreneur.

I am a memory maker.

I am an excited, happy, and fulfilled woman who has the privilege to help other women around the world, while showing my kids it’s possible to chase a dream.

I wasn’t always those things though, especially the last one. It was a long journey to get to that place, and it starts with me as a little girl.

I was born to be a mom. I dreamt about being a mom since I was a child. Playing with my baby dolls was the best thing on earth. Then it turned into playing school, then when I got old enough, I was allowed to babysit. Heaven. The playing, the responsibility, the money probably didn’t hurt. I nannied my way through college, and after years of hard work, finally got my dream job, a 2nd grade teacher. I loved my job. I was completely in my element, then I had my daughter, and my world forever changed.

First, that world was no longer mine. Everything I had now belonged to her, both physically and mentally. She was in control of my body, and every decision I made here on out was determined by how it would affect her. I had no idea how much of yourself you give up by becoming a mother, and I felt ashamed because I was finally here, this is what I wanted! I was supposed to be excelling.

One of the biggest decisions I made during that time was to quit my teaching job. I was thriving at work, and really feeling as though I was making a daily difference in kid’s lives. However, the second I thought about leaving that baby girl for the day, I’d have panic attacks. I couldn’t wrap my head around being away from her, and I knew I needed to stay home. My own kid needed me, and she won. She was my little sidekick and I loved it. I had adjusted to living my life for someone else, or so I thought.

When my son arrived three years later, I had a very tough time transitioning into being a mom of two. It was hard, messy, exhausting, and super emotional. But the worst part? I had completely lost myself. I had zero identity outside of caring for these two beautiful souls. Now I was giving myself to them, and dividing it in half...and apparently some of that was supposed to go to my husband too. That shame over failing came creeping back in and I couldn’t help but think, “this is what you signed up for, get it together” I got to be a mom- the dream right?


One night my mom tribe and I were chatting about our second kid’s first birthdays. I have always been a natural party planner, and love envisioning parties and themes and all the little details that go into them. I started throwing out themes, and my girlfriend said she couldn’t picture what she wanted. I took that as an invitation to create a plan for her party.

I threw some ideas on a Google Slides doc, found some inspiration pictures, and a couple links to purchase some cute festive decor. I emailed it to her and she was floored. She thought it was a genius idea to organize the party in such a visual way. She asked if I could do the whole party. Basically think of everything she needed to host a successful party, find all the supplies, and put it in one place because she didn’t have the time to do it herself. Because I was desperate for something to do outside of watching tv at naptime, I jumped at the chance to do something creative.

That conversation launched my business, Confetti Party Plans. My first party plan, a darling First Fiesta, was born and I now create party planning guides and checklists for themed parties for hundreds of women around the world. I get to help moms host stress-free, memorable parties for their loved ones while staying home with my kids.

One conversation led to me making a huge life change.

One conversation led to me rediscovering myself.

One conversation awakened a dream in my heart I didn’t know I had.

Today, I am a working mom. It looks different than I thought it would 5 years ago. I wasn’t a teacher mom. I was a mompreneur, something I never in a million years thought I would be. For the first time, I focused on myself and what I needed. I chose to walk a path that led to personal fulfillment even if that meant there would be some sacrifices. But I was used to sacrifices by now, right? In choosing to build this business, I unknowingly chose to be a better mom and wife. I am being fulfilled in a way I had never been before. My business is my self care. It fills up my tank, gets me excited, proves to myself that I can make a difference, and gives me the freedom to spend as much time with my kids as we all need on any given day.

I found the thing that was missing, I found myself again.


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