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Challenge: Raising Kind Kids

How many toys do they really need on their birthday?

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I recently read a column in the Wall Street Journal that I loved. It was a way of giving to others while teaching your children to save for the future. A way to show them the value of a dollar while being kind to those less fortunate.

The idea was to label three mason jars "Spend, Save and Give." Put them in your child's room and start around 3 years old to give them a small allowance. Not a large amount, just enough for them to be able to allocate which jar the money goes in. Give them 5 dollars in change each month and teach them to save some for the future, give some to people who need it more than them, and spend some on something you really want.

My daughter recently had her first birthday and in lieu of asking for gifts, (do they really need more toys? I live in a one-bedroom apartment so the answer for me is no! Thank you:) we asked for her guests to bring a teddy bear that we could pass onto a local hospital. It teaches her that she is not the only person who exists. And for those of you who have toddlers, that is a feat in itself. They get excited to give to other kids so encourage it and watch them grow into little kind people.

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