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How Does Contaminated Water Affect Your Childs Health

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Life on this planet depends entirely on water. We, humans and other organisms living on Earth, need water to survive and replenish the body with the same amount of fluid. Science suggests that cells within the human body are surrounded by some fluid, and most of the material is water. Even the cells themselves contain 70 to 80% water content. In short, water is the main requirement of all living beings, and the ultimate savior of life.

Water keeps moving in the human body without resting. It is responsible for making our macromolecules functional and active. Even information goes from tissue to tissue through water.

Now, as we all know, our body works because of water; It is important to reflect what kind of water we are drinking. The report states that most of the humans are drinking dirty water these days.

As a recent estimate shows, more than 768 million people worldwide do not have direct access to drinking water. People drink dirty water regularly and are endangering their health. This scenario is most commonly observed in children, as their body is not able to fight harmful bacteria and viruses. Medical health reports suggest that most diseases in children these days are due to unsafe water consumption. They remember their schools again and again; Many children are not able to perform well in their daily routines.

In most rural areas, families move to the nearest rivers and streams to collect water for their regular household needs. They are not aware of the terrible health effects of dirty water. Exposure to germs and parasites through dirty water makes them prone to various diseases. Therefore, people need to find a concrete solution to deal with the worldwide water crisis. Access to drinking water is the main requirement for everyone to drink.

Is your water safe?

First of all, you should ask yourself: Are you drinking clean and safe water? It is observed that these days most of the water sources are contaminated due to industrialization. The water coming out of your tap is usually filled with loads of dirt, mud, silt and debris. In addition, water content is affected by some harmful minerals such as manganese and calcium. They are quite dangerous for human health. At the same time, dirty water has an unpleasant and metallic taste.

Unfiltered water also contains many harmful parasites and bacteria. They are the main cause of increase in cases of diarrhea in children. The main ingredients available in water have toxic properties and can make you sick in a very short time. In addition, chemicals and pesticides available in water cause serious health problems among children and adults.

A survey shows that dirty water is the biggest threat to children's lives in Afghanistan. Similar cases are also seen in other countries, especially in rural areas where people are less aware of the harmful effects of dirty water. In such situations, it is necessary to get a water filter for your home.

Why do you need a water filter?

If you are drinking unsafe and impure water regularly, it can affect your child's natural growth. At the same time, your family may be made aware of the risk of potential illnesses. In such situations, it may be the best idea to install a good quality water filter at home.

Those who are still confused about whether it is good to get a domestic water filter or not are advised to review the following points. Here we have highlighted the incredible benefits of water filters for every household:

  • Water filtration leads to drinking water with better smell and better taste. This is simply because high quality filters also remove all bacterial contaminants, heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals and chlorine content.
  • Use water filters are capable of removing lead content from water. Therefore, they eliminate the consumption of such harmful substances in the human body.
  • When purchasing a counter water filter, it is not necessary to spend every day on expensive bottled water. Also, with these filters, you can contribute to reducing toxic waste on this planet.
  • Water filters are capable of reducing the risk of certain types of cancer such as colon cancer, rectal cancer, bladder cancer and many more. This is simply because water filters can remove chlorine and its by-products from drinking water.
  • Carbon water filters are designed to remove all hazardous contaminants from drinking water.\
  • Water filter also handles mineral content in drinking water. These specially designed filter elements can easily remove the content of manganese and calcium from water.
  • Filtering water is a good practice to eliminate parasites, pathogens and other harmful substances from drinking water.

The latest models of water filters can also treat harmful levels of chlorine in drinking water. You will also get a better taste of processed drinking water through these water filters.It does not matter whether you live in urban or rural areas, it is necessary to have a water filters in your home to ensure clean and safe drinking water flow. Large expenses on medical bills and medical fees can be avoided by investing in water filters. Filtered water can help your body fight 2100 known toxins while strengthening metabolic system performance.

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