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How Do I Make My Child Wear His Or Her Glasses

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Does your child need glasses to see clearly? Maybe they have a strong case of myopia, maybe they have astigmatism, or some other type of refractive error. Whatever the reason, getting your child to wear glasses can be a parenting challenge.

Dr. Healy treats patients in Kittery, Maine with the need for vision correction. The knowledgeable and caring staff at Optometric Associates will assist you and your child if they no longer want to wear glasses or are struggling.

Why don't kids wear glasses?

To help your child achieve the best possible vision, you first need to understand why they are fighting with you over their glasses. It usually occurs as a result of physical, emotional or social things such as:

  • wrong fit
  • wrong recipe
  • personal style
  • friends feedback

How do you know which one it is? Pay attention to cues, what your child says, how he behaves and how he interacts with others.


A major reason glasses feel uncomfortable is an improper fit. Sliding down, itching behind your ears, or pressure on the bridge of your nose may explain why your child doesn't want to wear them.

If there are major changes to the prescription, it may take some time for them to get used to it. If given the wrong prescription, they can cause eye strain, headache or eye strain. The wrong prescription can make wearing glasses painful or awkward. Your vision is also poor, resulting in a blurry image. When this happens, your ophthalmologist can check and adjust your prescription.


A home child is not the same as a child at school, at a sports stadium or with friends. They may be afraid of being teased at school, or they may not suddenly want to pay attention to their appearance. These feelings can be even stronger among the tween and teen set.


Young children may also feel isolated, especially when they first wear glasses. In their view, different or strange feelings lead to negative experiences. Maybe they don't want to wear wear Blue Light glasses when they feel like a strange man wearing glasses. The last thing your child wants is to feel like a social exile. After all, everyone wants to be their own.

how can we help

First, take your child to an ophthalmologist for an eye exam. Our optometrist, Dr. Healy, checks to make sure your child has the right prescription and that their vision problems are corrected. Then look at the glasses and place them on your child's face to determine if they fit properly. Our opticians take care of all the adjustments that need to be made.

The vision they need, the style they need

Fashion isn't just for adults. Don't forget your style, because your budding fashionista and trendy young stud wants to look great. When your kids look great, they'll love it! We provide the highest quality eyewear you need without compromising on your style. Your child is more likely to wear glasses when they love to be seen.

what can you help

Encourage, stay positive and don't give up. Avoid telling them what you want them to wear. Let them choose for themselves. After all, these are the people who wear glasses. Decision making is an important life skill that you will need as you grow and become independent.

Use positive words to encourage young children. Talk about how to make your glasses magical and allow you to see the beautiful things around you. Show what a beautiful flower or bright red truck looks like with your glasses on, and how it looks different with your glasses on. Incorporate a little pop culture for older kids. Show pictures of celebrities wearing glasses and tell them how fashionable they look. You will also earn some good parenting points.

Kitary Optometric Associates provides children's eyewear experience and a unique approach that will inspire them to wear glasses. Get an eye exam today - you can book online here. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call. We would be happy to support you.

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