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Challenge: Choosing Baby Names

How Did Two Dads Pick A Name For Their Son?

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We were about to adopt an infant and we needed a name! My father had jokingly asked by brother to name one of his kids after him, and that idea stuck with me. I though my husband and I could split the important names, I would get the first name, he would get the last. We were also two men, and this was 14 years ago, so I wanted all of our names listed for security purposes. We had also been calling our nephews by their first and middle name so we decided to call our son Paul Nunzio. My dad's name first, and then my husband's dad's name! We felt this offered the most respect to the grandfathers as well!

And since we were two dads, I wanted my last name as Paul's second middle name - I was nervous that if we were to fly together, the airlines would ask who I was with this seemingly unrelated child! My spouse said it would be better without a hyphen, so our son has four names, two in the middle, Paul Nunzio Chaitin Bon Viso!

We covered all the bases!

Mitch Chaitin

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