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How can breast augmentation affect breastfeeding

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For the entire period of breastfeeding, women should be aware that there are rules and limitations that they must obey in order to make everything right. Besides avoiding bras that contain plastic fibers, you need to be aware of the implication of breast implants upon a mother who is going to breastfeed in the very next period. Women who’ve had breast implants can breastfeed without any kind of issue, as said by specialists. The breast implant should not be an obstacle in breastfeeding a child, because of the fact that the mammary gland remains intact. Here are some more facts you might want to know about it:

Are there any inconveniences?

The only main inconvenience in breastfeeding when you have implants would be that the silicone introduced under the pectoral muscle can quantitatively limit the milk your baby is going to get. Even though this is not an issue and it doesn’t affect the breastfeeding process in any way, some women might find it quite uncomfortable due to the fact that it will take longer than usual to complete it. You can learn more about this if you search for breast augmentation in Houston, where there are a lot of clinics who are handling this intervention with great results.

Specialists also warn future mothers and women who are breastfeeding that they should avoid regular bras during the entire period and wear special purposed bras instead. Plastic bras can irritate the nipple area and, moreover, they can cause an infection which is possible to be transmitted to the newborn. Avoid this type of bras and make sure you disinfect the area thoroughly before feeding your little one. Try to be as cautious as possible, especially because your breasts are more sensitive because of the implants.

The main idea is that breast implants do not affect the way you are breastfeeding and do not represent a problem in doing so. Even though many people consider breastfeeding with implants something wrong, the truth is there are no risks implied when you do so. Yet, many mothers opt for breast implants only after the period they breastfeed, simply because the benefits are higher.

What kind of breastfeeding techniques should you use?

Breastfeeding done incorrectly can lead to sagginess, even if you have breast implants. If you won’t care properly for your breasts and you won’t follow the recommended instructions to do it, you might have to invest in a second surgery. You can try standing up and holding your baby in your arms, next to your breasts, as close as possible. Do the same when standing down. Anyway, you should never imitate other moms that are nursing a certain way. Find the most comfortable way for you to do it and make sure you are doing it correctly, so you avoid damaging your breast tissue. Each nursing technique is suitable as long as you feel comfortable while doing it, no matter what other mothers who are breastfeeding do.

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