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Challenge: WHO Are You?

How Blogging Helped Me Discover Who I Am

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When I started blogging three years ago, I had no idea that it would change my life in such enormous ways and help me to discover who I am in this world.

What started as a passion project quickly turned into a way of connecting with like-minded ladies and eventually started making me some money. By the time my first baby came along, my blog was doing so well that I was able to quit my full-time job and stay home and raise my baby.

During the first year of full-time blogging, I not only learned so much about blogging and all the bits that go with it, like a good email campaign and utilizing the potential of social media, but I learned so much about myself too. In a sense, I like to think of this process as discovering myself.

Both the activity of blogging regularly and working from home gave me a new perspective on my life and opened a window to my soul, so to speak.

1. I Love Being a Mom

First and foremost, I discovered that I really and truly love being a mother to my two babies. Getting to work from home and blog during nap times has allowed me to spend more time with my children and enjoy them growing up.

I don’t have to waste money on daycare to go out to work (which I now realize I loathed) or miss out on all the special and important milestones in my children's’ lives. Blogging has helped me see the maternal side of me and discover that side in greater depth.

2. Online Connections Lifting my Spirits

One amazing this about blogging is the community. I have been able to connect with people from around the world that share similar interests and situations with me, and we can chat about our experiences. With the reputation management software that I use, I am able to monitor reviews from other moms and connect with them on a deeper level.

So many conversations have been started this way allowing me to connect with like-minded moms. I have realized that I thrive knowing I have a community behind me to help me through the tough times and cheer me on in the good times. In turn, I can be there for them which I’ve discovered is another passion on mine, helping people.

3. Financial Freedom Led to New Hobbies

One amazing thing that blogging has provided me with is time and financial freedom. Since my blog started bringing in the same amount of money that I earned at my full-time job, I was able to relax a bit and not worried too much about whether or not we’d be able to pay the bills.

Then, when my blog income started growing and exceeding that old full-time paycheck, I was able to explore new hobbies that cost a little more. Since I had a bit more time on my hands too, I started experimenting with art and realized that I am a lot more creative than I ever gave myself credit for before when working my corporate job.

Being able to buy good-quality art supplies has led to my discovery of a hidden creative bone I didn’t know was there, all thanks to the success of my blog.

Blogging has not only transformed my personal and professional life, but it has helped me discover these things about myself that I never knew existed. I am able to better show up for myself and my family knowing that my love for writing is supporting us and possibly changing another young mom’s life.

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