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Challenge: Parent Fails

How A Parent Influences Their Child's Attitude About Alcohol

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One of the most important ways parents influences their children is through positive guidance. They are the main role model in their child's life. A parent influences their child’s perception of right and wrong. It's essential for parents to remember just how much their decisions impact the attitudes of their children. It is a child's attitude that will impact all of their important decisions in the future. When it comes to drinking, will a child become the type of person who knows how to pace themselves or will they drink a lot very fast? Will they drink and drive? Will they be responsible and take a taxi? Will a child grow into a person who drinks to get drunk or drinks sensibly?

Parent's Challenge

A parent will be challenged by their teens concerning their own drinking behaviors. It's normal for teenagers to want to be treated like an adult. They will want to discuss consuming alcohol in the home with their parents. Drinking with their friends as well as taking alcohol to parties. There are a few ways parents can handle this situation.

Parents must be an example to their children. If they want their children to drink responsibly, parents need to demonstrate responsible drinking.

Parents should limit the amount of alcohol they consume. Doing this will decrease a parent's chance of long-term health issues. It will show control and self-restraint when it comes to consuming alcohol.

It's also important that parents not glorify being drunk or drinking alcohol.

Parents should encourage their family and friends to be good role models for their children when it comes to consuming alcohol.

Avoid individuals and places that will negatively influence their child's attitude toward alcohol.

Parents should set rule and boundaries. They should not consume alcohol daily.

Having family gatherings that are non-alcoholic needs to be encouraged. It's important children know it's possible to have a good time without alcohol. Children need to learn that alcohol should not be the focus of an event.

Communicate with children. Parents should try to get their children to understand why drinking moderately is important and the reason only adults should drink. Children should be asked about how they feel concerning drinking alcohol. Parents need to learn about their children's attitude toward it. This will let parents think about their own drinking. When communication with kids is open, then boundaries can be set.

Parents should not be afraid to answer their children's questions about alcohol.

Parents need to be honest. Children will ask if their parent have been drunk. When the question is asked, they need to be honest so their children will learn to be honest about alcohol.

DrinkWise Delay 5-point plan

These simple tips are designed to give parents advice on how they can be a positive influence on their children. These tips will also help lower the risks of teens misusing alcohol.

The 5-point plan is delay, D – discuss the issue of alcohol, E – educate by being an example, L – listen to children and engage them, A – A good relationship needs to be maintained with children, Y – Your expectations are understood by your children.

Parents should not be afraid to ask for assistance if they have issues with alcohol. Doing this makes dealing with a teenager’s problems much easier.

Two Parents Same Attitude

When it comes to addressing issues concerning alcohol, having two parents with the same attitude who are consistent with their actions, makes a difference. Should a child get mixed messages, it will be more difficult for them to develop a positive attitude about alcohol. Parents must agree on the rules and boundaries. They must also agree on consequences. Once these are established, it's essential parents do not give in to their child's complaints. If parents each have a different attitude about providing alcohol for their teenager, it needs to be talked about openly. A broken parental relationship can make doing this more difficult. One parent may not want to enforce the rules because they worry about being disliked by their child. It's important to keep a parental relationship with the child positive in ways other than giving them alcohol. Parents need to deal with their differences concerning alcohol as quickly as possible.

Developing A Common View

There are things parents can do to develop common views. They need to get the facts on alcohol before they address one another. Parents should do research. Know about damage alcohol can cause with a person's body. Providing facts can help make a parent's case. Parents need to discuss sensitive issues concerning alcohol away from the children. It's also recommended parents seek professional help if they can't come to an agreement. It's important parents have a plan and stick to it when discussing alcohol with their children.

Parental Influence

A teenager's parents have the greatest influence on their child's attitude toward alcohol. As a teenager matures, they will be more influenced by their peers. The media, television, and movies will also have an impact on them. This is a time when parents can be a positive role model to counteract any social pressure their child experience. This is crucial to helping a teen have a healthy attitude about being responsible with alcohol. Parents need to make friends and family aware of how their use of alcohol could influence their teenager's view about alcohol. It's okay for a parent to let friends and family know if they disapprove of their alcohol consumption. When this happens, it's important to talk to a teen after a confrontation.

Drunk Driving

Teenagers will be learning to drive. They need to know the consequences of driving under the influence (DUI). They need to learn about BAC (blood alcohol content). They need to know how each level of intoxication will impact their ability to drive. A teenager should also learn about the legal consequences of a DUI and more.

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