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How a Day at Disney World is just like Giving Birth...

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People ask me all the time why we love Disney World so much. We took our son for the first time when he was two and we’ve been back each year since.


I’ve heard all the complaints. “But it’s expensive, it’s crowded, it’s too hot, they’re too young, they won’t remember...”

Last month we took our now four year old son and honestly, there was a moment when I started to cave to the complainers mindset. My son was in full on whiny child mode. It was HOT, and it was crowded. Sitting on the bus back to our resort for a midday break (and nap!), staring at my pouty kid and my sweaty, grumpy husband, I wasn’t feeling the magic.

A woman across from me on the bus looked over at my child falling asleep on my shoulder and smiled. “Too much fun she said.” My husband and I gave each other the look and half-smiled.

The woman told us she was at Disney for a conference for camp
leaders. In one session someone explained to them the science behind happiness and Disney parks. In a survey people rated their experience at the parks and then a month or so later took the same survey again. Where their experiences while at the park may have been a 4 or 5, their memories rated an 8 or 9. She remarked that studies show that we leave Disney with great memories regardless of the minute by minute details that may not be so awesome.

After our nap we headed back out to the parks and explored Disney’s newest park attraction, Pandora. The glowing lights, the floating rocks, the rides... everything was pure magic. I watched the wonder I had hoped for spread across the faces I love and in that moment I completely understood what the woman on the bus had been talking about. My 4 of a day was now a 10!

And that got me to thinking about how a day at Disney is so much like giving birth......

You’re so excited. You can’t wait. You plan and plan and plan. You read every single thing online, every blog, every story. And go to bed dreaming of how happy you’re going to be when the day finally comes.

You imagine the pictures. Order a cute custom made outfit on Etsy. And one for your spouse too! Everyone will be overjoyed and all smiles. You’ll be a little sweaty and shiny, but still gleaming with happiness. #likelikelikelikehearteyesx1000

You make a packing list and plan for everything months ahead. You couldn’t be more freaking ready for this!!

You go over the drill with your whole family. You go over the lists, pass out printed reminders and important numbers. Everyone is assigned a post and knows where they should be and when.

The day comes and almost immediately all your plans go out the window. You’re rushed and someone is running late. Already! WTH! You can’t find any of the important things you know you packed. Someone forgot the bag with the important things. Of course they did. Someone is in deep 💩 already!

You make it through the entrance and you have a moment of “Oh my God, we’re here this is so magical” and then you break out your phone and take 100 pictures of the entrance sign and your family embracing #bestdayever

The adventure begins!

14 hours later, you’re done! You have nothing left, you can’t take it anymore. The whining, the “just one more” voices, the people every freaking where. You’re hot and sweaty and you can’t stand waiting any longer! You barely have the strength to make it out the door.

Then you look down at this crying, (the whining!!) red faced (sunburned) little person and they smile at you (while eating a Mickey ice cream) and you forget all about those few painful moments. The waiting. The bumps in the road.

One month later you’re home, flipping through photos and beaming ear to ear. You can’t wait to do it all over again.

And that’s how a day at Disney is like giving birth. You suffer a few miserable moments to experience something magical you’ll never ever forget. It’s so worth it ❤️







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